04/05/15, 6:06 pm
Hello. My wife took the drug Zofran during pregnancy as prescribed for nausea. Our daughter was born with a dysplastic kidney and we now see that Zofran is possibly connected to such birth defects. what are the procedures for joining a class action lawsuit such as this?
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C.B. Upton Says:

Apr 09,2015 9:13 AM

I am very sorry to hear about your family’s situation. You are correct that Zofran has been linked to birth defects, including kidney problems. There are several of these cases under review at the moment. Because the injuries are varied, there is no class action. Instead, the cases are being handled on an individual basis, although they will be consolidated for discovery purposes. In order to determine if your family has a case, you will need to speak with a Zofran attorney. My firm is handling these cases, and we would be happy to speak with you. My phone number is 850-228-9175. Sincerely,

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