05/27/16, 11:11 pm
Hello. I was atreated for possession of methamphetamine Marijuana violation probation for Marijuana and providing false name in a different state. The meth was not found on me but in my truck and on person of my passenger and they charged us both with possesion. My father property bond me out of jail. I never went to court but ran to another state on opposite side of country. That was 3 years ago. Since then my dad has paid all of my fines he bonded for me and I have sobered up started my own tile business and have a girlfriend overseas. I feel horrible for being a idiot years ago and just want to put all this behind me homestly. Seeing as all my fines are paid is there any way I can strike a deal with said state to just let me go on with my life in my new state? To ban me from there state and allow me to go on with my life? I need a passport to travel I need a new state ID I'm tired of living this life please help thank you.



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Zannie Carlson Says:

Aug 23,2016 9:56 PM

If you have never attended court, the case is unresolved. The first thing that would need to happen is you would have to return to court to quash your warrant for your arrest for failing to appear in court. The resolution of your case will depend on the strength of the evidence and availability of the witnesses involved. It may be that the information is too old at this point for the prosecution to pursue the case. There may be motions to suppress evidence, depending on the search and seizure the police engaged in. Depending on your criminal history, there may be a resolution that your attorney and the prosecutor to work out in which you would not have substantial conditions or time in jail/prison, but the likelihood that the case will simply and immediately close is low. There are a lot of factors at play here to give a straightforward answer on how long the case could go for without more information. I would be happy to help further if needed, and if this case is out of Washington.

Zannie Carlson

,Seattle, Washington

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