06/14/12, 1:01 pm
My Ex-Fiance bought me a vehicle while we were together due to our son having medical conditions and so that I would be able to have transportation to and from work. Now that we split up he is trying to take the vehicle back. Is he able to do this ?
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Evan Guthrie Says:

Jul 09,2012 5:41 PM

It depends who has title to the car. If the title is in your name you may be able to keep it. Evan Guthrie Law Firm is licensed to practice law throughout the state of South Carolina. The Evan Guthrie Law Firm practices in the areas of estate planning probate wills living trust special needs trusts personal injury accident and divorce and family law and entertainment law. For further information visit his website at . Follow on Twitter!/ekglaw Like on Facebook . Avvo LinkedIn Google + Evan Guthrie Law Firm 164 Market Street Suite 362 Charleston SC 29401 843-926-3813

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