01/24/18, 3:03 pm
My father is currently living in Brazil, he is an American citizen receiving Social Security. He is planning to move back to the US near me here in Arizona. Since he is in his 70's, he asked for me to set up a power of Attorney so that i can handle his social security benefits and set up his medical insurance before he gets here in case of emergency and also speak on his behalf at the social security office.I am currently in Arizona, and i found a Financial Durable General Power of Attorney form. I'm going to send it to him and he is planning to take it to the American Embassy in Brazil to have it notarized. My question is, will there be any issues with a) on the POA form, i will be putting my fathers address in Brazil, and b) it being notarized in brazil. I just want to get this done correctly. Please help
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Chris Hildebrand Says:

Jan 28,2018 10:24 AM

You should be using a regular Financial Power of Attorney as opposed to a Durable Financial Power of Attorney. Most Durable Financial Powers of Attorney do not take effect until the person dies or is incapacitated. I can't tell for sure whether you have the correct document unless I see it. However, to answer your original question you should have no problem that it is signed and notarized in Brazil You can get more information about powers of attorney in Arizona at the following website:

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