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  04/27/17, 5:05 am
I have been deported from US 10 years ago following a rejection for my political asylum application without a chance to rectify my financial matters with different financial institutions , when i was there in the US i had a saving and checking account and a deposit box in one of the major banks in the US ..unfortunately the banks has no branches outside USA The dilemma is the bank asking me to come in person to cash my deposits, and to do so i have to be US soil , please advice me in the best way to deal with this humanitarian problem as my intentions is just to regain my money and not to stay in US . for any further information i will be glad to send it you promptly . sincerely yours Emad m. Idris



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Raymond Lahoud Says:

Jun 04,2017 6:54 AM

Please do contact us to discuss how this can be handled, notwithstanding your presence outside of the United States. This can often be accomplished if you are able to appoint a power of attorney in the United States.

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