03/30/13, 10:10 am
my daughter moved out of her boyfriends house with their baby, when he learned she was moving he went and got temporary custody order , he had my daughters name wrong on the order, his name is not on the birth certificate and my daughter and granddaughter are both here at my house. Do I need to return my grandbaby to his house or can we keep her here?
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John McNeil Says:

Apr 03,2013 10:11 AM

If he has already received a court order granting him custody, you need to contact a local attorney as soon as possible to unravel the situation and get relief from that order. Regarding the misspelling, clerical mistakes on an order will not relieve you of the obligation to comply with the order, and depending on the terms of the order, could subject you or your daughter to civil as well as criminal problems. And not complying with an order will not look well when the Judge hears the remainder of the case.

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