04/27/13, 4:04 pm
My daughter has been married for 7 yrs. Two children, 2 and 4.She is a stay at home mom. My son-in-law has decided that he is going to move out. Money is the reason he gives. There is no adultery, drugs, or alcohol involved. He has said that my daughter and her children will have to move because he will not/cannot pay their rent. We live in New York state. I am assuming that as long as they are still married, that he is required to pay his family's living expenses. True? Thank you very much
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Eric Gottfried Says:

Apr 29,2013 11:37 AM

My partner, Mark Lefkowicz, can certainly help. He’s very experienced in that area. We have an easily accessible Long Island office. Our telephone number there is: (516) 515-1LAW or (516) 515-1529

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