04/12/13, 11:11 pm
I have a 15 yr old daughter that was found on sd of rd obviously raped and thrown from a moving vehicle does she as a juvenile and a victime have to testfiy against her attackers to prosecute?
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Jason Dunkle Says:

Apr 15,2013 4:56 PM

Generally, yes. The prosecution needs a witness that observed the crime to testify against the perpetrators. The police are not permitted to testify as to what your daughter tells them as such statements are hearsay. If the perpetrators decide to accept some sort of plea offer, it is possible that your daughter's testimony may not actually be needed, or, if one of the perpetrators testify against the rest, then your daughter's testimony may not be needed. However, if the perpetrators fight the case and there were not other witnesses to testify as to what happened, the case would rely on your daughter.

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