05/22/12, 4:04 pm
What course of action should I take? My 11 yr. old was at school today when a picture fell on her head. She appears to be ok other than a major head ache. Her father immediately said we should sue the school... Im still trying to process everything and find out exactly what happened...... Would legal action be wise if the school is found to be at fault?
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Nicholas Lindley Says:

May 23,2012 9:46 AM

If her only damage was a head ache, I'm not sure exactly what you would try to recover from the school. Talk to the teacher/principal and find out more about what happened (how did it fall?, did they have reason to believe it would fall?, how did the school hang the picture?) Instead of a big-time lawsuit you may only be receiving an apology. Ask you daughter how she's feeling today - if she's feeling worse, get her checked out by a doctor for documentation purposes. Good luck.

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