01/16/13, 8:08 pm
I have a clean record. Never arrested. I live in PA. I have neighbor who will not allow me to remove my equipment from his home. I went to him one final time to ask for my property. He attacked me, I defended myself. He was unhappy with the outcome of his efforts. He failed 911. I failed the local police station directly. I left a message but I was never replied too from police. Latter I learned he accused me of holding him at gun point. He had his Girlfriend lie on the police report saying saying she witnessed the event When she was .never present. However my mother and her friend did see everything from across the street. I don't have much money but I don't qualify for public defender because I own my home. I turn myself in tomorrow and I'm not sure what to do.
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Jason Dunkle Says:

Jan 18,2013 6:06 AM

In some situations, you can present a very specific legal question online and get a very good answer that will help you. In other situations, you simply must consult with a lawyer in your area, review all the facts and circumstances, and have that attorney provide representation. For example, I could email a mechanic and ask him how to replace a motor, but, since i am not a mechanic, my ability to use his advice is very limited. It would be better for me to hire the mechanic to fix my car. Given the value of a car and how vital it is to my family, I cannot risk having my vehicle not work. The same is true for you. You need to retain someone that is a criminal defense lawyer that can protect your rights and obtain the most favorable resolution possible. The only advice that I can generally give you is to aggressively fight the case, but such advice doesn't really help you. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows how to aggressively fight for you. People tell me that they cannot afford a lawyer, but can you afford not to. Under my analogy, I cannot afford to pay a mechanic a few thousand dollars to fix my car, but I also need to have my vehicle, so I must pay the mechanic to fix my car. If you want to have the best opportunity to obtain the most favorable resolution, you must get a lawyer to help you.

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