05/20/12, 10:10 am
can i be charged with a danco violation if: nieghbor says he's seen me on the property victum says i havent been there. i live in same neighborhood public lake access is across public road from my house where the danco is in place we go there all the time. (not me and victum) can get statements to discredit discruntaled nieghbor prosecuter threatned victums mom with jailtime for not saying she new if i was there or not. prosecuter is using this tactic because i have trial on tues and he and my p. d. are strong arming me into the deal they want.
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Christian Peterson Says:

May 20,2012 8:40 PM

Whether or not you would be convicted of a DANCO violation would depend on the credibility of the neighbor versus the victim, especially if there existed some evidence to discredit the testimony of the victim. It's hard to say how strong your case is for certain without seeing all the evidence though. One thing is for sure, you shouldn't take a plea bargain unless you are 100% confident that you want one. If you feel like your attorney is not representing you well, then you may want to ask the court for a new trial date to hire one of your choosing. You can call me for a free consultation, 612-269-1902

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