03/01/13, 12:12 pm
My brother is in a federal prison medical facility in Minnesota. He has been there since about January 14, 2013, little over a month ago. He was put in the medical facility because of his diabetes. His insulin schedule has not been followed at all. They were giving him the minimum amount possible as a result in less then a month he has had half of his large toe amputated, open sores on his leg, and now it appears he may lose his entire foot. At this rate I don't think he will survive another month. Can they treat someone this way because he is in prison?Is there anything that can be done? It is sickening to hear of the disregard of my brother or any human being treated the way he is being treated.
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Andrew Rader Says:

Mar 04,2013 9:51 AM

It definitely seems like you have a case, and I'm sorry your brother has been so mistreated. If you call my office we can discuss.

Andrew Rader
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