03/23/12, 4:04 pm
I bought a house with my ex-girlfriend. After we broke up she got me to sign a quick claim deed, taking my name off of the deed but not the loan. Now she refuses to refinance in order for me to get my name off of the loan. Is there any legal action I can take to take my name off of the home loan? How complicated (expensive) could this get?
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Maria Blakely Says:

Apr 10,2012 8:02 AM

Unfortunately, you should not have signed the Deed until after your name had been taken off of the note. The short answer to your question is "no," there is no way to take your name off of the mortgage. The mortgage is a contract between you and the mortgage company, not between you and your ex. The only way to alter that contract is by refinancing or paying off the note. Your ex has no legal obligation to remove your name from the mortgage. Now, your only bargaining chip - your name on the deed - is gone. The rest of the bad news is that you have also lost your security interest in the home. Sorry. You should have asked the question before you signed the deed. ----The advice given here is not intended to, and does not, establish an attorney-client relationship. Also, the advice given is general, based solely on the facts stated in the question. Other facts, not listed here, as well as the contents of any documentation involved in your case may substantially affect your rights/obligations. The only way to know for sure is to schedule and appointment with an attorney to discuss your case in detail.----

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