11/05/12, 3:03 pm
I am being accused for credit card fraud. They say they have me on video in a target using the card, but I never did. The card belongs to a girl on the same team as i and she is saying it went missing while at an event. I was told around 600$ was spent on the stole card. Is there anything I need to know or say specifically? How long will the investigation take? What do I do? I don't want to allow law enforcement into my house.
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Joe Dane Says:

Nov 07,2012 3:17 PM

You now know you're under investigation for theft (or at least accused). It's time for you to decline to make any further statements about this to ANYONE and find the best local criminal defense attorney you can. The dollar amount is in the misdemeanor range, but the fraudulent use of a credit card can be a felony. I'm not saying you will face felony charges, but it is possible. Don't mess around with this - a conviction will haunt you for years. Look for an attorney that focuses on criminal defense, not just somebody who dabbles with criminal cases. Find an attorney that routinely practices in the court where this case may be heard.

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