01/29/18, 6:06 pm
I was in a car accident in a school parking lot. The corner was too narrow for two cars when we approached, I saw her come too close and stopped, the front end of her car hit mine from the middle of the driver's door and kept going. I immediately called the police and they sent an officer who worked in the school, she told me since it was private property I would have to do a driver's exchange, which I did. She also told me to move to the front of the school. She never did file an accident report, nor did she document the scene and didn't provide any for the incident report. It's basically my word against her word, but I have a witness. What should I do
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Sean Cleary Says:

Mar 13,2018 6:51 AM

You might be found partially at fault for the accident. If you weren't seriously hurt the simplest thing to do is just let the insurance companies fight it out between them.

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