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    In Saxon law. A customary or usual tribute or contribution towards armor, or the arming of the forces.
    In old English law. A cus¬tomary payment, supposed to be the same with ward-penny. Spelman; Blount.
  • WASH
    A shallow part of a river or arm of the sea.
    In the language of tbe stock exchange, this is the operation performed by a broker who fills an order from one customer to buy a certain stock or com¬modity by simply transferring to him the stock or commodity placed in his hands (or ordered to be sold) by another customer, More...
    The sounding of a horn for washing before dinner. The custom was formerly observed in the Temple.
    A treaty signed on May 8, 1871, between Great Britain and the United States of America, with reference to certain differences arising out of the war between the northern and southern states of the Union, the Canadian fisheries, and other matters. Wharton.
    Spoil or destruction, done or permitted, to lands, houses, gardens, trees, or other corporeal hereditaments, by the tenant thereof, to the prejudice of the heir, or of him in reversion or remainder. 2 BL Comm. 281. Waste is a spoil and destruction of an estate, either in houses, woods, or More...
    A book used by merchants, to receive rough entries or memoranda of all transactions in the order of their occurrence, previous to their being posted in the Journal. Otherwise called a "blotter."
    In old statutes. A kind of thieves.
    v. To keep guard; to stand as sentinel; to be on guard at night, for the preservation of the peace and good order.
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