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    Inspection; superintendence; direction; regulation. A power given by law to the founders of all eleemosy- nary corporations. 2 Kent, Connn. 300-308; 1 Bl. Comm. 480, 481. In England, the vis-itation of ecclesiastical corporations belongs to the ordinary. Id. See Trustees of Union Baptist Ass'n v. Hunn, 7 Tex. Civ. App. More...
    In English law. Books compiled by the heralds, when progresses were solemnly and regularly made Into every part of the kingdom, to Inquire into the state of families, and to register such marriages and descents as were verified to them upon oath; they were allowed to he good evidence of More...
    An inspector of the government of corporations, or bodies politic.
    The regarder's office in the forest. Manw. 1. 195.
    L. Fr. The neighborhood; vicinage; venue. Ex parte McNeeley, 36 W. Va. 84, 14 S. E 436, 15 L. R. A. 226, 32 Am. St Rep. 831; State v. Kemp, 34 Minn. 61, 24 N. W. 349.
    Lat In old English practice. View; inspection, either of a place or person.
    To impair; to make void or voidable; to cause to fail of force or effect; to destroy or annul, either entirely or in part, the legal efficacy and binding force of an act or instrument; as when it is said that fraud vitiates a contract.
    To litigate cavilously, vexatioukly, or from merely quarrelsome mo-tives.
    In Scotch law. An unwarrantable intermeddling with the movable estate of a person deceased, without the order of law. Ersk. Prin. b. 3, tit 9, | 25. The irregular intermeddling with the effects of a deceased person, which subjects the party to the whole debts of the deceased. 2 Karnes, More...
    In old English law. The mistake of a clerk; a clerical error. Vitinm eleriei nooere non debet. Jenk. Cent 23. A clerical error ought not to hurt. Vitinm est qnod fngi debet, nisi, ra-tionem non invenias, mox legem sine rations esse clames. Ellesm. Post N. 86. It is a fault More...
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