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  • ROTA
    Span. In Spanish law. Obliterated. White, New Recop. .b. 3, tit 7, c. 5. s 2.
    A term which includes oxen, cows, steers, heifers, and such like horned animals. Cowell.
    Small boroughs in England, which prior to the reform act, 1832, returned one or more members to parliament.
    A clause sometimes inserted in policies of marine insurance, to the effect that "if, on a regular survey, the ship shall be declared unseaworthy by reason of being rotten or unsound," the Insurers shall be discharged. 1 Phil. Ins. ? 849. See Steinmetz v. United States Ins. Co., 2 Serg. More...
    The roll of Winton. An exact survey of all England, made by Alfred,' not unlike that of Domesday; and it was so called because it was kept at Winchester, among other records of the kingdom; but this roll time has destroyed. Ingulph. Hist. 516.
    Fr. In old French and Canadian law. A free tenure without the privilege of nobility; the tenure of a free commoner.
    Fr. In old French and Canadian law. A free tenant of land on services exigible either in money or in kind. Steph. Lect 229. A free commoner; one who held of a superior, .but could have no Inferior below him.
    A circle divided from the center, like Arthur's round table, whence its supposed origin. In each compartment is a signature, so that the entire circle, when filled, exhibits a list without priority being given to any name. A common form of round-robin is simply to write the names in a More...
  • ROUP
    In Scotch law. A sale by auction. Bell.
  • ROUT
    A rout Is an unlawful assembly which has made a motion towards the execution of the common purpose of the persons assembled. It is, therefore, between an unlawful asembly and a riot. Steph. Crim. Dig. 41. Whenever two or more persons, assembled and acting together, make any attempt or advancer More...
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