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    To conduct vessels through navigable waters; to use the waters as a means of communication. Ryan v. Hook, 34 Hun (N. Y.) 185.
    The act or the science or the business of traversing the sea or other waters in ships or vessels. Pollock v. Cleveland Ship Building Co., 56 Ohio St. 655, 47 N. B. 582; The Silvia, 171 U. S. 462, 19 Sup. Ct 7, 43 L. Ed. 241; Laurie v. Douglass, More...
    Fr. In French law. A ship. Emerig. Tralte des Assur. c 6, | 1.
    Lat A ship; a vessel. -Navis bona. A good ship; one that was staunch and strong, well caulked, and stiffened to bear the sea, obedient to her helm, swift, and not unduly affected by the wind. Calvin.
  • NAVY
    A fleet of ships; the aggregate of vessels of war belonging to an independent nation. In a broader sense, and as equivalent to "naval forces," the entire corps of officers and men enlisted in the naval service and who man the public ships of war, including in thU sense, in More...
    A sum paid to government as an acknowledgment for a grant of lands, or any public office. Enc. Lond.
    In Hindu law. Composer, arranger, adjuster. The flrst officer of a province, and minister of the department of criminal justice.
    Lat. In ecclesiastical law. The name of a prohibitory writ, directed to the bishop, at the request of the plaintlfT or defendant, where a quare impedit is pending, when either party fears that the bishop will admit the other's clerk pending the suit between them. Fitzh. Nat Brev. 37.
    L. Fr. He did not deliver. A plea in detinue, denying the delivery to the defendant of the thing sued for.
    L. Fr. (Does or did not disturb.) In English practice. The general issue or general plea in quare impedit. 8 Steph. Comm. 663.
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