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    The freight Of passengers in a ship. Johnson; Webster.
    In the civil law. The freight or fare paid for the transportation of cargo or passengers over the sea in a vessel. This is a Latinized form of a Greek word.
    Lat In the civil and maritime law. A sailor; one who works a ship. Calvin. Any one who is on board a ship for the. purpose of navigating her. The employer of a ship. Dig. 4,9,1, 2.
    Pertaining to ships or to the art of navigation or the business of carriage by sea. -Nautical assessors. Experienced shipmasters, or other persons having special knowledge of navigation and nautical affairs, who are called to the assistance of a court of admiralty, in difficult cases involving questions of negligence, and More...
    Lat In the civil law. Nautical or maritime interest; an extraordinary rate of interest agreed to be paid for the loan of money on the hazard of a voyage; corresponding to Interest on contracts of bottomry or respondentia in English and American maritime law. See Mackeld. Rom. Law, 5 433; More...
    In old English law. A duty on certain tenants to carry their lord's goods in a ship.
    Appertaining to the navy, (q. v.) -Naval courts. Courts held abroad in certain cases to inquire into complaints by the master or seamen of a British ship, or as .to the wreck or abandonment of a British ship. A naval court consists of three, four, or five members, being officers More...
    In the civil law. The master or commander of a ship; the captain of a man-of-war.
    In the civil law. The master or captain of a ship. Calvin.
    Capable of being navigated; that may be navigated or passed over in ships or vessels. But the term is generally understood in a more restricted sense, viz., subject to the ebb and flow of the tide. "The doctrine of the common law as to the navigability of waters has no More...
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