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    In Roman law. An officer whose duties are described in Dig. 5, 4, 18, 7. See Id. 48, 8, 6; Cod. 10, 75. Literally, a peace-ofilcer or magistrate.
    Not according to rule; improper or insufficient by reason of departure from the prescribed course As to irregular "Deposit" "Indorsement" "Process," and "Succession," see those titles.
    Violation or non-observance of established rules and practices. The want of adherence to some prescribed rule or mode of proceeding; consisting either in omitting to do something that is necessary for the due and orderly conducting of a suit, or doing it in an unseasonable time or Improper manner. 1 More...
    The absence of the quality of relevancy in evidence or pleadings. Irrelevancy, in an answer, consists in statements which are not material to the decision of the case; such as do not form'or tender any material issue. People v. McCumber, 18 N. i. 321, 72 Am. Dec. 515; Walker v. More...
    In the law of evidence. Not relevant; not relating or applicable to the matter In issue; not supporting the issue.
    The status of a pauper in England, who cannot be legally removed from the parish or union in which he is receiving relief, notwithstanding that he has not acquired a settlement there. 3 Steph. Comm. 60.
    See INJURY.
    That cannot be replevied or delivered on sureties. Spelled, also, "irreplevisable." Co. Litt. 145.
    A term applied to such an Interposition of human agency as is, from its nature and power, absolutely uncontrollable; as the inroads of a hostile army. Story, Bailm. ? 25.
    Used chiefly in criminal law, this term means an impulse to commit an unlawful or criminal act which cannot be resisted or overcome by the patient because insanity or mental disease has destroyed the freedom of his will and his power of self-control and of choice as to his actions. More...
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