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    A detailed list of articles of property; a list or schedule of property, containing a designation or description of each specific article; an itemized list of the various articles constituting a collection, estate, stock in trade, etc., with their estimated or actual values. In law, the term Is particularly applied More...
    Lat. Found. Thesaurus inventus, treasure-trove. Non est inventus, [he] is not found.
    To make proof of a thing. Jacob.
    To loan money npon securities of a more or less permanent nature, or to place It in business ventures or real estate, or otherwise lay it out so that it may produce a revenue or income. Drake v. Crane, 127 Mo. 85, 29 S. W. 990, 27 L. R. A. More...
    The fact by means of which a right comes into existence ; e. g.; to grant of a monopoly, the death of one's ancestor. Holl. Jur. 132.
    A ceremony which accompanied the grant of lands in the feudal ages, and consisted in the open and notorious delivery of possession in the presence of the other vassals, which perpetuated among them { the (era of their new acquisition at the time when the art of writing was very More...
    The attribute of being secured against violation. The persons of ambassadors are inviolable.
    In the law of negligence, and with reference to trespasses on realty, Invitation is the act of one who solicits or incites others to enter upon, remain In, or make use of, his property or structures thereon, or who so arranges the property or the means of access to it More...
    See ERROR.
    Lat. Being unwilling. Against or without the assent or consent. -Ab invito. By or from an unwilling party. A transfer ab invito is a compulsory transfer. -Invito debitors. Against the will of the debtor.-Invito domino. The owner being unwilling; against the will of the owner; without the owner's consent. In More...
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