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    He who holds house and land. Bract. L 3, t 2, c. 10.
    In old records. House rent; or a tax or tribute laid upon a house. Cowell; Blount.
    A colloquial expression to designate a bribe to hinder information; pay to secure silence.
    Council; court; tribunal. Apparently so called from being held within a building, at a time when other courts were held in the open air. It was a local court The county court In the city of London bore this name. There were hustings at York, Winchester, Lincoln, and in other More...
    Hue and cry. See HUE AND CRY.
    Taxes. Mon. Angl. i. 586.
    In old English law. Augury; divination.
    In old English law. The season for sowing winter grain, between Michaelmas and Christmas. The land on which such grain was sown. The grain itself; winter grain or winter corn. Cowell.
    A mongrel; an animal formed of the union of different species, or different genera; also (metaphorically) a human being bom of the union of persons of different races.
  • HYD
    In old English law. Hide; skin. A measure of land, containing, according to some, a hundred acres, which quantity is also assigned to it in the Dialogue de Bcaccario. It seems, however, that the hide varied in different parts of the kingdom.
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