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    The code or collection of constitutions made by the Roman jurist Gregorius. See CODEX GREGORIANUS.
    The time from which the Gregorian calendar or computation dates; i. e., from the year 1582.
    In Spanish law. A guild; an association of workmen, artificers, or merchants following the same trade or business; designed to protect and further the Interests of their craft.
    Lat. The bosom or breast; hence, derivatively, safeguard or protection. In English law, an estate which is in abeyance is said to be in gremio legis; that is, In the protection or keeping of the law.
    The statute 10 Geo. III. c. 16, by which the jurisdiction over parliamentary election petitions was transferred from the whole house of commons to select committees Repealed by 9 Geo. IV. c. 22. II.
    In English law. A customary fine due from a copyhold tenant on the death of' the lord. 1 Strange, 654; 1 Crabb, Real Prop. p. 615, | 778. Called also "grassum," and "grossome."
    A marriage celebrated at Gretna, in Dumfries, (bordering on the county of Cumberland,) in Scotland. By the law of Scotland a valid marriage may be contracted by consent alone, without any other formality. When the marriage act (26 Geo. II. c. 33) rendered the publication of banns, or a license, More...
    In old records. The sea shore, sand, or beach. 2 Mon. Angl. 625; Cowell.
    Aggrieved. 8 East, 22.
    In Saxon law. Peace; protection. -Grithbrech. Breach of the king's peace, as opposed to frithbrech, a breach of the nation's peace with other nations.-Grithstole. A seat, chair, or place of peace; a sanctuary; a stone within a church-gate, to which an offender might flee.
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