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    A first principle; a thing given; a date.
    It is given to the more worthy. 2 Vent. 268.
    An immediate female descendant. People v. Kaiser, 119 Cal. 456, 51 Pac. 702. May include the issue of a daughter. Buchanan v. Lloyd, 88 Md. 462, 41 Atl. 1075; Jamison v. Hay. 46 Mo. 546. May designate a natural or illegitimate female child. State v. Laurence, 95 N. C, 659.
    TThe wife of one's son.
    Iu French law. The title of the eldest sons of the kings of France. Disused since 1830.
  • DAY
    1. A period of time consisting; of twenty-four hours and including the solar day and the night. Go. Litt. 135a; Fox v. Abel, 2 Conn. 541. "2. The space of time which elapses between two successive midnights. 2 Bl. Comm. 141; Henderson v. Reynolds, 84 Ga. 159, 10 S. B. More...
    A tradesman's account book; a book in which all the occurrences of the day are set down. It is usually a book of original entries.
    In English law. A permission granted to a prisoner to go out of prison, for the purpose of transacting his business, as to hear a case in which he 1B concerned at the assizes, etc. Abolished by 5 A 6 Vict a 22, 112.
    A dairy. CowelL
    That portion of time before sunrise, and after sunset, which is accounted part of the day, (as distinguished from night,) In defining the offense of burglary. 4 Bl. Comm. 224; Cro. Jac. 106.
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