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    A term applied to commercial agents who travel for wholesale merchants and supply the retail trade with goods, or take orders for goods to be shipped to the retail dealer. Bobbins v. Shelby County Taxing Dist, 120 U. S. 489, 7 Sup. Ct 592, 30 L. Ed. 694; Singleton v. More...
    In old European law. The commander of a drungus or band of soldiers. Applied also to a naval commander. Spelman.
    In old European law. A band of soldiers, (globus militant.) Spelman.
    A person is "drunk" when he is so far under the influence of liquor that his passions are visibly excited or his judgment impaired, or when his brain is so far affected by potations of liquor that his intelligence, sense-perceptions, judgment continuity of thought or of ideas, speech, and co-ordination More...
    He is a drunkard whose habit it Is to get drunk; whose ebriety has become habitual. The terms "drunkard" and "habitual drunkard" mean the same thing. Com. v. Whitney, 5 Gray (Mass.) 85; Gourlay y. Gourlay, 16 R. I. 705, 10 Atl. 142. A "common" drunkard is defined by statute More...
    In medical jurisprudence. The condition of a man whose mind is affected by the immediate use of intoxicating drinks; the state of one who is "drunk." See DRUNK.
  • DRY
    In the vernacular, this term means desiccated or free from moisture; but, in legal use, it signifies formal or nom* inal, without imposing any duty or responsibility, or unfruitful, without bringing any profit or advantage. -Dry exchange. See EXCHANGE.-Dry mortgage. One which creates a lien on land for the payment More...
    Witchcraft; magic. Anc. Inst. Eng.
    A form of government where two reign jointly. Dnas nnores eodem tempore Habere non licet. It is not lawful to have two wives at the same time. Inst. 1, 10, 6; 1 Bl. Comm. 436.
    Doubting. Dobbin, J., dubitans. 1 Show. 364.
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