Quiet Title

What is a Quiet Title Action ?

An action to quiet title is an equitable action commenced in the civil court where the property is located to more

Dec 21, 2020
By legaladmin

Police Car Search

Unlawful Car Searches by the Police

Police Right to Search a Car A police officer has the legal right to search a car (and the driver) more

Nov 7, 2020
By legaladmin

Double Jeopardy

Comparing Double Jeopardy, Res Judicata, and Collateral Estoppel

The concepts of due process and finality of judgments are cornerstones of the American litigation system. The Constitutional guarantee to more

Oct 15, 2020
By legaladmin

Non-compete Caluse

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts

A restrictive covenant is a clause in an employment contract or services agreement that primarily operates to prohibit a person more

Sep 2, 2020
By legaladmin

Right To Stand Your Ground

The Right to Protect Property

The Castle Doctrine

The right to protect one’s property is a basic right in American property law. Recently, the concept of property rights more

Aug 10, 2020
By legaladmin

Right To An Attorney

The Right to an Attorney

Lawyer Representation in Criminal Matters

Introduction The right to an attorney in criminal proceedings is a foundational aspect of the criminal justice system and a more

Jul 9, 2020
By legaladmin

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