Executive Powers during the Coronavirus Crisis

President Trump recently claimed he has “total” authority to ease Coronavirus restrictions established by individual states. This proclamation was quickly more

Apr 29, 2020
By legaladmin

Quarantine Laws

Shelter in Place—or Else

Quarantine Laws and Coronavirus Covid-19

All over the world, governments are reacting to stop the spread of Coronavirus by implementing strict stay-at-home orders or quarantine more

Mar 26, 2020
By legaladmin

Court Room

Things to Know When Representing Oneself In Court

The decision whether to represent oneself in court or whether to hire an attorney is a very common dilemma that more

Feb 14, 2020
By legaladmin

Types of Business Entities

What are the Most Common Types of Business Entities?

Introduction A key issue to consider when starting a business is selecting the type of business entity to form. There more

Jan 31, 2020
By legaladmin

Using Mobile Phone While Driving Car

How to Prove the Driver Who Caused Your Accident Was Texting

If you were injured in a car accident and you intend to bring a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance more

Dec 18, 2019
By legaladmin

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