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McCoy & McCoy, LLC.

One Corporate Center 17th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06103
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Attorney Frank McCoy has been awarded by The National Board of Trial Advocacy a certification as a specialist in civil trial advocacy. This board certification is only awarded to attorneys who have a proven record of trial experience, legal knowledge in Personal Injury law, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability and/or Evidence. In addition, all certified attorneys must have a demonstrated record of honest and ethical behavior verified by Superior Court judges and other practicing attorneys. In Connecticut, less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the registered attorneys have been awarded such a distinction.

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Attorneys in Firm     5
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Practicing Law Since     1990

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  •     Poor communication and altered documents 1
    I arrived at this office after being run off the road by a drunk driver. My injuries will plague me forevermore. I had private insurance when I came to him. He never told me that my lawsuit became a "medicare lien suit", until I was emailed the undated settlement, that was clearly changed. The one I signed, the expenses were there, but nothing about me paying all the above bills, and paying off this $42,000.00 LIEN, plus granting indemnity to the person that maimed me? Seriously? Does he think I had nothing better to do in between the (3) surgeries I had, but to make sure he makes a profit and the drunk is unscathed? My signature is written twice on a blank piece of white paper, with no date? Why have your client, write their name two times on the bottom of a blank piece of white paper? He made all the decisons, without ever consulting me or even disussing it. Now that he is angry about my reviews, he suddenly wants me to come in, so he, "can explain, why I did what I did." Really? The Federal Judge who ruled against me on the civil rights part of the case, made note of the settlement not being dated. I have that email from Attorney John Williams. I told John that the documents were forged, but he refused to listen and so he submitted them to the Federal Court anyway...Rose Longo followed blindly along with the corruption. DOES ANYONE LISTEN TO THEIR CLIENTS ANYMORE? The corruption and bullying in the state of Connecticut is obscene, and it needs to stop. The "threatening letter" is posted, so everyone knows, what he is made of. I will not be the one posting it. I was not home when it was finally stuffed under our kitchen door. Someone else took it, and they could not believe what they read. I was treated terribly by McCoy Posted by : Anne Blake   On: 13 Oct 2014
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