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212 W Spring Valley Rd
Richardson, TX 75081
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Amber Shemesh is a shareholder and family law attorney at MAS Law Firm. She is admitted to practice in the State of Texas and has been representing clients for divorce, child support, child custody, parental rights, and other family law matters. She is currently serving clients in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, Denton, and Rockwall counties of Texas. She can help her clients in getting favorable outcome to their cases.

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Attorneys in Firm     15
Attorney Bar Number     24075066
Practicing Law Since     2010

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    The 6k to file emergency relief motion, which they missed their own noon deadline given to the respondent, didn’t get the motion back to the judge that day, on a holiday weekend. As a result they failed to get any result other than charging 6k and even tho the respondent missed the deadline. No further action was taken. I was unable to ask the court for reimbursement of 6000$ I was charged, since respondent managed get into compliance before court was back in session the following Tuesday. He accomplished by pulling another 30k out of the community estate to pay a 3600$ deficit. (after $25k 6 months prior to pay the same deficit on the mortgage, $15k 3 months prior to this 30k for the same thing.) finally had hearing set to give testimony on the record and ask the court for relief make the respondent accountable for the 100k plus of withdrawals and defaulted loans to community estate. Was even supposed to have a 3 hour meeting to prepare for giving testimony, which turned into that or by phone a few hours later via email , which changed to a phone call the day before the scheduled meeting from an associate unfamiliar with my case. Which she didn’t cover anything about testifying, spent the call telling me I couldn’t file for fraud on the community estate, though I could provide more than the minimum criteria to do so. And trying to find out if they had tried any other avenues of attaining all the financial records other than continuing to ask OC. $4800 to prep the weekend before the trial, 4 hours for drive time round trip to my county and 2 hours while at the court waiting for opposing counsel to show up after we were called. over $7k total When they did show up, I was told that OC didn’t want to have the hearing because they were completely unprepared as the the respondent hadn’t answered any communication in months. Which was exactly the situation we were expecting. My representative then asked if I would make some concessions on a proposal that had expired months prior, one regarding the payment of a creditor since charged off and in collections, which I let her know but she put it up as relevant to what she was doing. We were called back to court, my representative had put up the things that OC had asked for consideration on and they read it asked if I understood it . Then when I thought we would sit down and start the hearing, we left the court room. my representative had waived the hearing and entered an agreement based on the questions she asked me while waiting to be called back in for the hearing. I was told I gave informed consent, making an agreement instead of testifying, because I was there and I answered her questions about what we could agree on. I was told we got everything I wanted, and we literally got nothing I was asking for, nor did we ask for it before the judge. I asked for enforcement of the the orders, for sanctions against the respondent for failure to comply, to keep him from delaying any further and causing more harm to the estate . Again I was not allowed to ask for reimbursement of my legal fees because my counsel did not follow through with what was discussed and planned and we did not have the hearing..She is now withdrawing as my counsel, as I won’t keep providing a 5k trust for them to bill against indiscriminately. and without culpability, tho she has continued to bill me and I have continued to pay for correspondence regarding how I pay my invoices which have been on time and remain current, for her filing a motion to withdraw, but in that 3 month period has been unable to write and file the agreement read before the judge and again missed the deadline set by her own office because I wont deposit another 5k after the prior 20k. While she is posturing and withdrawing from my case, my estate’s house is a month into foreclosure proceedings due to the inability to complete the process of any motion filed on my behalf. Follow through on either motion would have avoided this situation Less Posted by : Scott   On: 20 Dec 2022
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