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(1 Reviews Posted) (Utah Criminal Defense Trial Attorney Representing Clients in Utah and Idaho against all charges including aggravated assault, sexual battery, drug possession, distribution, homicide, rape, burglary, kidnapping, robbery, gun possession, and DUI)      Write a Review
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Overson & Sheen, LLC

675 E 2100 S, #2700
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
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I've been aggressively defending my clients against serious criminal charges for over 14 years. I've handled many high profile cases in both Utah and Idaho. I believe we have the finest criminal justice system in the world but to make it work for you, you need a qualified trial attorney. That's true even if you plan to resolve your case with a plea agreement. If your attorney is willing to try the case, and is actually preparing for trial, you are going to have a more favorable environment for reaching a resolution of your case that you can accept. If you anticipate your case going to trial, make sure that your attorney knows how to prepare for and present your case at trial. You might be surprised at just how many lawyers have never tried a case. While my primary focus is in criminal defense work, I also represent clients in civil litigation. These cases are often complex and involve serious injuries if not death. If you are charged with a crime or suspect you may be the target of an investigation, contact a qualified criminal defense attorney right away. A good criminal defense attorney can do far mare in the early stages to protect you than if you wait to hire a lawyer later on in the process. If you find yourself at risk of criminal prosecution, do not speak with any investigators and do not waive any rights. Contact a criminal defense attorney.

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Attorney Bar Number     7956
Practicing Law Since     1998

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  •     Criminal Defense Lawyer Darwin OVerson 10
    I asked Darwin Overson to take over my son's case. Because I realized I had made a mistake in looking for a criminal lawyer. I realized the other lawyer that I had chosen did not have enough back ground in the field. Darwin took over my son's case. He kept me informed. Answered every email, text an phone call. When I had a question. My son had false charges against him such as rape charges. This case was scarey. And not an easy case to take. but Darwin took over the case an proved to me an my son that my son's case was no challenge to him. He worked endless hours on my sons case. Showed up every court date an hearing Darwin also keeps his phone available 24hrs emergency no. Darwin saved my son's life. I cant begin to tell you. How relieved I was that Darwin was worth hiring. He is knowledgeable , responsible, an does not back down at all. Thank you Darwin Sincerely, Cheryl Posted by : Cheryl   On: 03 Jan 2015
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