11/09/13, 6:06 pm
I had my car get hit by an 18 wheeler while is was parked at my job. The truck came in the workers parking lot and tried to make a u turn. While making the u turn the bed(container) of his truck hit my car car and did slot of damage to my passenger door and front panel. He didn't stop either. I didn't notice it until I had left and went to pick my baby up from the baby sitter. My job has the accident on tape for me. We know the company's name just can't pin point the actual truck. What legal options do I have as far as pursueing the company for a hit and run?



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Jim Hasser Says:

Nov 11,2013 9:30 AM

Make a claim on your insurance policy under your collision coverage and give all your info to the insurance company. They will take it from there to get their money back. Good luck. Jim Hasser

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