07/24/15, 9:09 am
I was injured on my job two weeks ago and released on light duty my company said at the time they did not have any light duty so i had to wait to be fully capable of returning to my position yesterday they called me to come in for light duty at reduce pay i was wondering could the do that? Also i have been waiting on work comp to clear an appointment on a referral to see a back doctor tried to claims adjuster since tuesday but they have not returned my calls what should i do?



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Jim Hasser Says:

Oct 05,2015 2:33 PM

If the company has light duty available to you at a reduced pay, comp should make up for 2/3's the difference. The company should owe you full comp for the time they did not have light duty work available to you. With regard to not being able to get in touch with your adjuster, ask for his or her supervisor. Good luck. Jim Hasser

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